Alicia grew up in Pawling, New York and trained at the Hartford Art School and the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. She creates work with pattern and resonance, and she often thinks on microscopic levels to tackle issues that are far larger. With this in mind, Alicia uses geometric lattices and patterns as frameworks to create visual representations of problems that result from human interactions with their environment. The geometric patterns she constructs are fraught with problems themselves, paralleling how our tendency to control our environment often results in chaos, degradation or fragmentation.

sunrise, puerto rico 2016

After losing her 30 year-old brother, Dan (, to lung cancer in 2015, her work took a new turn. An overarching theme is the quest to capture light, color, and beauty within star patterns, fractals, and geometric patterns that can be repeated infinitely. Her brother was obsessed with photographing sunsets and sunrises during his lifetime and she is attempting to replicate the beauty of these luminescent colors within a confined area. Saving them, collecting them, keeping them.

Alicia is also a founding member and Treasurer of Tree Northampton, Inc. ( and frequently donates graphic design work to various non-profits and groups that support “the resistance.”